As we navigate the changing seasons of nature, ecologic, economic, autonomy, collective responsibility, uncertainty, let us remember how we navigate these demands also contributes to our individual and collective health.

Many years ago as an Eco-activist working within a diverse network of issues from landfills, pesticides, hazardous waste, medical waste, water and air pollution, forest, climate, personal care, house hold products, biodiversity, whales, over fishing, and so much more, it seemed as if our efforts were diluted because of the many fronts demanding vigilance, though the reality is, we were all taking on a piece of the whole – a twist on the story of the blind men describing an elephant – except we weren’t blind we each had a different focus of the larger goal, that of re-membering our sacred interdependence on that which sustains us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mother’s Day approaches, the annual day patriarchy acknowledges “the mother” biological or adoptive. This holiday has morphed from its original roots, founded in the Women’s Suffrage/Women’s rights MOVEMENT. Julia Ward Howe  in 1870, addressed the horrors of the Civil War by issuing her “Mother’s Day Proclamation”, calling on women around the world to rise up and oppose war in all its forms.

Perhaps we overshadow the fundamental origins of Mother’s Day as a Women’s Rights movement because we really don’t honor mothering.

Mothering is not limited to birth and adoptive females. Mothering is the nurturing way, rather than controlling, of actively supporting which can be done by females, males, and any gender identity. 

We have the opportunity to change the path that patriarchy has paved of dominance, and control, and instead re-member (put back together) the way of mothering allowing for diversity.

We often hear the call for Unity, but unity does not mean we all agree on strategy or acquiesce who we were born to be; to the contrary unity means to have each other’s back despite our differences of our predispositions defending each other’s right to be who we are and what we choose for ourselves which in turn nurtures everyone.

Instead of “othering” our differences (being the blind men with the elephant) we can choose to a holistic perspective that we each are focused a piece of the larger goal, ascending by co-creating together our next way of Being. Will we leave dominance and control for nurturing and re-member our animal siblings, and our indigenous roots. Remember to join Lisa Gunshore and I for our podcast Ancient Future