Re-new You! Come undone in 2021

2021 = 5 the number of magic, miracles and liberation. We here at Goddess Beauty are already seeing and feeling the SHIFT, excited we are  growing in numerous ways!


We will be offering two types of wholesale opportunities: 

Retail for Co-ops & Boutiques 

Professional for salons and hair culturists for in-house coloring use and retail sales. 

Watch for our wholesale requirements, and how to create your personal account. If you already have a wholesale account with us, we will create your online account for you and contact you. 

Also coming soon the ability for you to directly make appointments on my electronic calendar and purchase directly mentoring sessions with me, reducing uncertainty on your herbal hair coloring experience. 

Individual sessions, small groups, and Professionals. Consults are usually via phone, facetime, or online meeting space depending on need, as well as email and text support. 

Now at Checkout you have options to make purchases directly using credit cards, as well as continuing to use PayPal.

Online Community We are also happy to be growing our relationship with Lisa Gunshore, Creatrex of One Heart One Earth, Buddhist Biohacker, Ajatakasa Community; you can find me there!

Bountiful Beauty & Blessings Beloveds! 

Christine & Goddess Beauty Creatives


Plant Pigments and Book


Indigo is used most often with henna to achieve deep reds, brown reds, browns, and black. Used alone on pure white hair, and it produces a vivid bright green or teal, then an amazing deep purple and sometimes blue/green.

  • $10 per 100 grams
  • $80 per 1000 grams


Henna is red! If you love red, burgundy, mahogany, brown and black hair color and want great gray coverage then henna is what you want!

  • $10 per 100 grams
  • $80 per 1000 grams


When mixed with other herbal colorants, Cassia creates color blends of light brown, strawberry blonde, copper, and carrot, and adds brightness and richness of color to naturally lighter hair shades.

  • $10 per 100 grams
  • $80 per 1000 grams


Amla is useful for adjusting color tone, creating a cool brown tone when used repeatedly.

  • $10 per 100 grams
  • $80 per 1000 grams

The Goddess Beauty Package

A bundle pack with 100 grams of each plant pigment, 400 grams total sold at a discount.

Natural Hair Coloring

Natural Hair Coloring: How to Use Henna and Other Pure Herbal Pigments for Chemical-Free Beauty ~by Christine Shahin


A Start of a New Chapter

Greetings Every Beauty! As is evident, my website is going through a beautiful transformation, a result of another beautiful transformation: collaborating with my son Trevor, the creative architect for your easy experience.  I am elated Read more…

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