You consider yourself a “natural” person living as best you can, caring for yourself and others as well as our habitat. Or, maybe you are just discovering reasons why you want to be so.

Hair coloring is one of those issues in which we feel stuck in between a rock and hard place. Many of us are not yet ready to embrace our gray hairs, but now understand that conventional coloring products contribute to personal and ecological woes.

If you have been conventionally coloring your hair since your teenage years, you may wish to experience how your hair used to feel. You may be ready to take the steps necessary back to your healthy hair—further back into the past, where herbs and fruits were once used. Perhaps our grandparents, and definitely our great-grandparents, used these natural hair colorants. Indeed, they have been used for thousands of years!

As we left “the garden,” venerated wisdom became deemed “primitive” or “unevolved” undesirable perspectives. Still, by shifting our perspective we see that such terms can also imply uncomplicated, rudimentary, or even foundational.

Christine is available for your personalized hair-color consult (aka “mud mentoring”) via phone or Skype, group consults,  instruction classes and presentations.

You will have lustrous color and healthy hair again!

Other Offerings and Opportunities:

  • Event presentation, with plant-pigment demo and book signing
  • Inquire about Christine’s Weekend Retreats, where you will learn hands-on the art and skill of coloring hair with pure plant pigments!
  • Consultations, mud-mentoring, and more

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